Website Portfolio: Buy Fashion Jewellery were established to bring you affordable but stylish costume jewellery from around the world. Their fashionable jewellery is worn by customers around the world, with it's stylish and trendy looks complementing a variety of wardrobe choices. They focus on bringing you the best range of styles and fashions that are both high on quality but low on price, giving you more chance to create a stunning accessory range to complement any of your outfit choices.

Buy Fashion Jewellery
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Costume Jewellery from Buy Fashion Jewellery

Please note that the customer may have changed their website since our original work for them if many years have passed - Check the Year of Development in the bottom right section of this screen to check when we performed work for this client.

About The Project

We created this site with a desire to have a soft website which gave a feeling of fashion and warmth.

Key Features

  • SellerDeck (Version 9)
  • Optimisation

Developed For

This website was created for:
Shreadsoft Ltd

Year of Development: 2010

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Our website design portfolio shows you what we have created for our past clients, listing our SellerDeck Designs as well as our other websites. We will work closely with you to create a unique website design based on your vision for your online presence.