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Enjoy some of the most beautiful cruising areas while on a flotilla sailing holiday, bareboat charter or gulet cruising through Sunscape Yachting. Their Sail & Stay holidays combine sailing with choice of hotels and villas set amongst the cruising areas of Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Sardinia, Sicily and Majorca.

Sunscape Yachting
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Yacht Charters from Sunscape Yachting

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About The Project

This website build required customers to be able to create a holiday package of flotilla, bareboat or gulet charter combined with hotel and accommodation. Sunscape Yachting are notified of customers requirements and then contact them to tailor the holiday to their specific requirements.

The original site built in 2005 used Coldfusion coupled with SQL Server to provide the storage and manipulation of data, hidden behind a colourful and welcoming front end. However, in 2011 we were asked by Jedlake to make the site portable to be able to be hosted on other servers, getting away from the reliance on Coldfusion.

We used PHP to redevelop the site with a MySQL database backend, allowing the site to be hosted on a variety of servers. We subsequently took over the hosting of this site for Jedlake.

They have access to an admin area to create new details such as additional yachts, hotels, updated rates and schedules for future years etc.

Each year they have had additional work performed to include additional locations such as The Caribbean.

Key Features

  • Optimisation
  • PHP
  • mySQL

Developed For

This website was created for:

Year of Development: 2011

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