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SellerDeck Catalog is a user friendly piece of eCommerce software which you can install on your own PC and is similar to a content management system.

You can quickly and simply add products and pages to your website from your own computer, even if you know little about computers!

SellerDeck Software

SellerDeck e-Commerce Software SellerDeck Catalog
£499 + VAT
SellerDeck Business
£899 + VAT
SellerDeck Business Plus
£1399 + VAT

SellerDeck Catalog

Includes all that a small business needs to design and manage its own secure online shop. It offers ease of use, flexibility and a wide range of features to deliver a powerful ecommerce store.

  • Up to 20,000 products
  • Support for download products (e.g. mp3 music)
  • Easy to use Windows interface
  • Industrial strength security
  • Print invoices, packing lists & address labels
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Comprehensive SellerDeck Support

20% Off SellerDeck Hosting

For customers who have an SellerDeck website developed by us we offer a 20% reduction on your first years website hosting.

We also offer competitive priced SellerDeck website hosting renewals for you to have stability of supplier in the future.

SellerDeck Payments

SellerDeck Payments, powered by Creditcall, is a processing system for secure online payments for SellerDeck ecommerce and mail order software. Offering the highest level of functionality of any secure internet payments system compatible with SellerDeck products, at a competitive price, with the highest level of bank-approved security (PCI DSS Level 1).

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Low entry-level price and competitive monthly fees
  • Fully featured, tightly integrated with SellerDeck products, works with merchant accounts from all major high street banks, also support mail order payments
  • High levels of security - 100% PCI DSS compliant, 3D secure capable
  • Robust and reliable (100% uptime in last two years)
  • Single point of support for ecommerce and internet payments system


SellerDeck Ecommerce Horizons Conference 2012
SellerDeck announce that they are planning on holding their ever popular user conference again this year. This will once again be in partnership with PayPal and held at their prestigious Richmond headquarters
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SellerDeck V11.0.3 released
This version implements the rebranding from Actinic to SellerDeck, and fixes a number of issues reported from earlier builds.
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Actinic Desktop rebrands as SellerDeck and refocuses on SMEs
After processing £10 billion in transactions, ecommerce solution Actinic Desktop will now be known by a new name - SellerDeck. The rebrand comes after Oxatis UK Limited purchased the online part of the company late last year
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Online nets £1 in every £10 spent on UK retail
Just over £1 in every £10 spent in a UK retail transaction in February was spent online, according to the latest official retail sales figures
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Marginable Uplift in Sales for UK SME Online Retailers in Q4
Actinic Q4 2011 Survey Shows Marginable Uplift in Sales for UK SME Online Retailers
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Time to consider eCommerce on Tablets
The interface of a tablet is different than that of a desktop site. On a tablet, one doesn't track clicks and mouse trails, but instead must focus on "smudges and swipes."
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Shreadsoft uses the award winning SellerDeck Catalog eCommerce software to create online shops for our clients and is an SellerDeck Accredited Developer, being featured on the SellerDeck website.