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Spray Direct's visitor numbers keep on going up!

Article Date: 30/07/2010

Hi-Tec Spray see their online sales increase significantly following our ongoing SEO campaign for their website

When the Spray Direct website was launched Shreadsoft Ltd. were charged with creating a Search Engine Optimisation campaign which would place the site above it's competitors at the top of search engines such as Google. Within weeks the effects of the SEO work were being seen, with visitor numbers for the site doubling in no time at all. They continue to improve with pleasing regularity, with the knock on effect that sales are continually increasing, in this competitive market.

Hi-Tec Spray are a multi-million dollar exporter of paint spray equipment and their online sales site, is already showing a marked improvement on it's visitor numbers and sales. They now have a significant number of their keywords and key phrases appearing on the first page of Google results, with positions improving regularly.

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