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Actinic Desktop rebrands as SellerDeck and refocuses on SMEs

Article Date: 18/06/2012

After processing £10 billion in transactions, ecommerce solution Actinic Desktop will now be known by a new name - SellerDeck. The rebrand comes after Oxatis UK Limited purchased the online part of the company late last year

16 years after setting up as Actinic the company's website, community, knowledge base and portfolio of products and services will be updated to reflect the new SellerDeck brand.

Actinic was the UK's first ecommerce solution provider and after a brief floatation on the stock market underwent a successful management buyout in 2002, turning it back into a privately-owned company.

In 2011, it partnered with European ecommerce market leader Oxatis as part of a plan to spin off the cloud-based Actinic Online product to fully concentrate on the SellerDeck desktop application.

SellerDeck will continue to offer its ecommerce and EPOS desktop applications, which lets merchants have full control and ownership of their online business without having to rely on cloud services.

Existing Actinic Desktop customers will not be affected by the new name, with the company planning to continue to provide flexible and innovative major new releases on an annual basis under the new brand.

SellerDeck will also continue to use its 16 years of experience in the ecommerce space as well as the wealth of input provided by its community to develop products, with version 12 - to be known as SellerDeck 2013 - planned for release later this year.

"With the ecommerce market continuing to grow in the UK, we decided that the time was right to completely focus on the SellerDeck product set," said SellerDeck's CEO Ben Dyer.

"The ecommerce market in the UK is the most advanced in the world, with some of the most demanding merchants; these merchants want to retain as much control as possible over their products. With insecurities and vulnerabilities in cloud technology becoming a larger problem, SellerDeck puts the control back in the hands of the merchant. We are looking forward to focusing all our efforts on honing our desktop ecommerce product in the years to come."

The team behind SellerDeck will remain the same, with Actinic's original founders, Chris Barling and Kevin Grumball, along with the original finance director David Dawson, still the shareholders. Benjamin Dyer remains the CEO while former MD Phil Rothwell has rejoined the company to run the sales and marketing team.

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