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Shreadsoft develop new dynamic website for Jedlake Ltd.

Article Date: 05/12/2011

Shreadsoft Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of the newly updated Sunscape Yachting website, utilising PHP and MySQL

The new site utilises PHP and MySQL, moving away from the less portable Coldfusion and SQL Server version that was first developed in 2005.

Nick Shread, Managing Director of Shreadsoft Ltd, confirmed today that the recent upgrade had been launched on Friday and was operating perfectly. Jedlake approached Shreadsoft earlier in the year with a view to scheduling in the upgrade ready for their 2012 selling period.

The old site, whilst functioning satisfactorily, was extremely restrictive in that it used an extremely old version (5) of Coldfusion which limited the locations that the website could be hosted. It also meant that the site was vulnerable to support issues considering the age of the software being used to run the website.

Taking into account the requirements of the client, we recommended to Julian Sheppard, MD of Jedlake, that they should switch to the widely available coding option of PHP coupled with a MySQL database backend. This allows the site to be portable, giving greater flexibility in the future for hosting of the website. As a result of the change, we are very pleased to announce that the Sunscape Yachting website is now being hosted by Shreadsoft.

Visit the Sunscape Yachting website

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