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Reducing abandoned shopping carts on your website

Article Date: 18/07/2011 report that Online shopping cart abandonment is key for eCommerce managers

An Etailer's worst headache is abandoned online shopping carts, according to

They state that "Online shopping cart abandonment is key for e-commerce managers simply because every abandoned shopping cart is a lost sale and a lost opportunity for more sales down the road".

Their article goes on to state that iGoDigital, as a specialist in product recommendation, works with retailers to track and monitor consumer behavior on websites, including the abandonment of shopping carts. It then sends follow-up emails to those consumers with suggestions for purchases they might like to make, based on the contents of their abandoned carts.

The open rates for these remarketing emails are twice those of traditional marketing messages, and 20 to 50 percent of online consumers who receive those messages end up making a purchase.

This is a great article and well worth a read. We'd be more than happy to discuss eMail marketing with you to see how we can assist you engaging with customers who've abandoned shopping carts with you.

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