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SellerDeck V11.0.3 released

Article Date: 20/07/2012

This version implements the rebranding from Actinic to SellerDeck, and fixes a number of issues reported from earlier builds.

SellerDeck version 11 enables your customers to view the details you hold on them and to monitor the progress of their orders online, without having to call you. It gives you new marketing options through the addition of single use coupons. And it makes it easy to provide each of your products with an individual page. It also adds a range of efficiency and usability improvements for you and your customers, and improvements to your search engine optimisation.

Online Customer Accounts

SellerDeck version 11 introduces the ability for customers to create an account when they place an order, with opt-in or opt-out choices that are controlled via the Business Settings.

Once the account has been created and synched between the web site and desktop, the customer can log in online to view and update their contact details.

Online Order Tracking

Logged in customers can view current and past orders in their 'My Account' page. They can see the content and status of current orders, including tracking codes where available, and shipping dates.

Optionally, all customers can be enabled to view any order by entering the order number and delivery postcode, without the need to have an account or to log in.

Single Use Coupons

The discounting function now supports the creation of coupons that can only be used once. Coupon codes are generated automatically, and can also take the form of a clickable link.

Coupons can be generated during mailing list export, with each customer being allocated their own unique coupon code.

Product Pages

Individual pages can be generated for each product through a simple tick-box selection, settable at site, section and product level.

Duplicate product entries in multiple sections can all share the same product page. All product pages are provided with Title and Meta tags for SEO purposes, all of which can be overriden manually.

Download the SellerDeck v11.03 upgrade here

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