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Internet Consultancy Services Our consultancy service helps companies improve their online business, whether they wish to do more business or better business using the internet.

Having a website alone isn't sufficient for it to be successful, we can help guide you on the way to ensuring people can find your website and are encouraged to use your services.

We look to provide an ongoing service to our clients rather than a "quick fix", ensuring a trust in the service provided and long-term results. We ensure that we consider all aspects of success and failure of a website, not just getting visitors to your site but actively working on keeping them there once they arrive.

Our consultancy service helps your business to:
  • Improve effectiveness of online marketing
  • Recognise key areas for improvement
  • Reach company goals for online growth

Website Performance Analysis

If you would like to achieve better results from your existing website then we can assist.

Our experience of assessing results on the internet allows us to review your website efficiently and accurately, enabling us to advise on opportunities to improve your online presence. Covering areas such as your marketing message, user experience, "stickiness", technical limitations, we can work with you to achieve the best possible results.

Website Usability

There are websites around that look good but cannot be found by customers, so are ineffective marketing tools. Then there are websites that can be found but are so poorly designed or conceived that they confuse visitors and are also unable to create sales.

A website's usability should be at the forefront of your design process.

  • Keep navigation consistent
  • Clear and simple content
  • Strong brand consistency
  • Support global visitors
  • Know your audience
  • Have informative content

Website Stickiness

Website Stickiness Companies can spend 70% of their marketing budget on getting new customers onto their website and only 5% on keeping them there. We can advise on improving the "stickiness" of your site, ensuring visitors want to investigate your website.

What Is Consultancy?

"Internet Consulting" means listening to our clients objectives, concerns and questions to help find the correct solutions to achieve results at an affordable budget. We can help your business create and implement it's internet strategy from start to finish.

Our Internet Consultancy services include:
  • Domain Name Management
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Website Audit
  • Image Management
  • Link Exchange Management
  • White Label Dating Management
  • Website Statistic Reporting
  • Website Visitor Analysis
  • and much more...

Website Planning

Starting the process of developing an internet presence can be a daunting one, but it needn't be. Using our experience of internet projects, marketing exercises and advertising campaigns we can help you document your requirements to ensure you get the maximum exposure for the minimum cost.

Internet Strategy

The Internet is established as an important part of business life, meaning businesses need to consider their Internet Strategy. A company's Internet Strategy can be identical to their main business strategy, however this cannot be taken for granted and often there will be major differences in the approach taken.


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We provide Internet Consultancy services to start-up's, SME's or established large international companies. We believe in establishing a long term partnership with clients to maximise the effectiveness of their online presence.